Socialized Trans-the video

by crashchaoscats

I recorded a video of myself reading one of my older essays about pressure to transition. You can read the essay Socialized “Trans” here. I mistakenly said in the video that I wrote it three years ago. Actually it was four years ago. Can’t believe I’ve had this blog for so long!

I decided to make this video because there needs to be more discussion about social dynamics that encourage transition and I thought I could reach more people this way. It also helps to have a face to go along with the experiences being talked about. I want people to know that pressure to transition is a real problem that happens to real people. It’s easier to dismiss it as a myth when it’s an abstract possibility instead of a story someone’s telling about their life.

I hope more trans people can learn to listen to stories like mine and not be threatened. I want there to be more talk within the trans community about how social factors can influence people’s identities and choices because I think this can help gender dysphoric people figure out what’s best for them. Sorting out your psyche and motivations can be complicated and it helps to hear many perspectives. Having access to what I know now would’ve helped my younger self discover what I needed sooner, I’ve been thanked by so many other women for talking about my experiences because it’s helped them accept themselves as female and realize they don’t need to transition. My story doesn’t have the power to take away someone’s real identity but it can help people figure out what they are and how they want to live.