by crashchaoscats

I decided to create an email specifically for people to contact me to ask for support or ask questions concerning detransition, specifically for females. My experience is of transitioning to male/genderqueer and then back to female so I don’t feel I could offer much to detransitioned males. Additionally, I want to focus my energies on helping other females, in particular females who break society’s sex and gender rules.

So if you’re a detransitioned woman and you want to chat with someone else who’d been there or you’re considering detransition or stopping t and you have questions you can email me at I don’t give a shit what your politics are, if you’re detransitioning and you’re having a hard time and you want someone to talk to feel free to contact me. I like meeting and getting to know other detransitioned women. I like feeling less alone and helping other people feel less alone too.

Sometimes I get depressed and unproductive or get busy with life, so it might take me time to respond but I will write you back. I know how little resources there are for detransitioners and I want to help improve that.